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The Gigzter Presents: Eurovision Favourite Songs with Graveyard

The Gigzter presents Graveyard’s favourite Eurovsion songs since 2009. Unfortunately, our planned Eurovision Special could not happen due to Eurovision denying us permission. Stay to the end and you will get to see the greatest-ever Eurovision song! The entries include: Lordi, Manga, Hadise, Bonnie Tyler, Molly, Lena Meyer-Landrut and more! All video clips are courtesy […]

Filthy Tricks – Leah

Filthy Tricks have released their brand new single ‘Leah’ today and The Gigzter team can say that the single is well worth downloading! Filthy Tricks are an upcoming Warrington band with that indie-rock feel and they certainly have a promising career ahead of them – could become the next Arctic Monkeys. Their latest track ‘Leah’ […]

Gigzter Records

The Gigzter is launching Gigzter Records to help upcoming and independent bands get noticed and enhance their career. Gigzter Records is an independent music group that will be like a ‘Netflix for bands’. There won’t be any charges, members will use our services for free and we will do all the work with our partners. […]

Eurovision Song Selection

The Gigzter are doing a special Eurovision this since the official contest has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. As (most of) Europe is currently in lockdown we thought we would bring some fun and entertainment to your homes with a Eurovision Greatest Hits contest! Vote now to choose what song represents your country in […]

Gigztervision 2020

In light of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest being cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) The Gigzter has decided to hold a special version of Eurovision in place of the Official contest. We will be having a Eurovision: Greatest Hits contest featuring the songs from Eurovision since 2004! We will be having two semi-finals with […]