Missed out on that gig you desperately wanted to go to? Well, now you have The Gigzter! We bring you exclusive frontline reviews from gigs – with pictures and videos trying to give you that experience that you missed. We know nothing can match that feeling from attending a gig, but The Gigzters’ will do their best to!

The Gigzter will be offering more than just gig reviews. We’ll also be telling you about the venues, travel help, sell merchandise and tickets. Further down the line, we will be looking to hold our own events and tours, as well as interviews.

We also hope that are reviews and videos can help promote any independent artists and help them gain the benefits – such as a record label! The Gigzter is for both the fans and artists!

The Gigzter is not just about the music, as we will go to any live event – music, sport, comedy shows, etc… You name the gig, The Gigzter will be there!

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