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Yorkshire seems to be a nice little breeding ground for the rock/heavy-metal scene having seen both Loz Campbell and Jack-Knife Supernova live, we can now add another band – wolfsmoke – who we will be hoping to attend some of their future shows.

Seeing a band play live is completely different than simply listening to them on YouTube/iPods (new old-school) because watching how a band plays, interacting with the crowd (no matter how big or small) is all part of the experience. If an unknown puts on an amazing performance, they can generate an electric atmosphere that gets the crowd going for the rest of the night and if Wolfsmoke on YouTube is anything to go by I think you will not be disappointed with watching them play live!

Wolfsmoke seem to have been producing music since 2019 and they have a nice selection of catchy little tracks that liven you up, getting you in the right mood.

Having listened to “Come With Me”, “If You Don’t Know Me”, “Spite Bites Back” “Devil’s Cup”, “Spite Bites Back” and live version of “Reopen Your Mind” (Taken by Ian Eatwell who we should ask video for The Gigzter because his are better than most of ours – nice and clear! [Must be a professional]) they do have a great sound and the sound quality of the live songs is amazing – they have the sound checks down to a tee! Their songs are quite fast-paced but that just gives you that amazing atmosphere, gearing up for the other bands!

The singer has a familiar voice (I just can’t quite remember who she sounds like) and although she doesn’t scream, she does generate a memorable sound and having the right voice combined with talented guitarists and drummers does make a difference to a song and you won’t forget them them in a hurry, that’s for sure!

Do check these guys out. They have every chance of being a huge breakout band, like Crawlers! You never know, we knew they would be big and we first saw play to about 10 people in a pub and look at them now! Keep an eye on these guys, we definitely will! Every band has to start somewhere!

Links to their online pages are above and a list of their gigs can be found below!

Gig Schedule

16/02/2023 – Thursday Night Live – Wolfsmoke, Ryan Wheel & Echos Of Moscow – – Service Station – Hull – HU1 3AA

24/02/2023 – Raider, Electric Cheese, Rockbreath and Wolfsmoke – The Talbot – Blackpool – FY1 3LL

04/03/2023 – M2TM – The Fenton – Leeds – LS2 3ED – £7

05/03/2023 – West Street Live – Sheffield – S1 4ES

30/03/2023 – Gig at Northern Guitars – LS1 7BT

18/05/2023 – [LIVE] The Dirt + Wolfsmoke | Sheffield – S1 4JP



Come With Me by Wolfsmoke
Spite Bites Back by Wolfsmoke
Devil’s Cup by Wolfsmoke


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