Venue: Zeros Bar, Stalybridge, UK; Date: 23/4/22;
Bands: Foxpalmer and Loz Campbell; Doors opened 9.00pm; Show started 9.30pm (roughly)

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For the second consecutive show I actually got there early! (Even got the first donation in! I was told it would be a bucket but because I wasn’t drinking they had a a lot of spare glasses so they used one of them!).

Zeros is a good little venue. The “stage room” (The “stage” was just set-up on ground-level – not raised like most – but you can get a better connection with the performers with this setup and it definitely showed!). The Ronnie Baxter Union Jack floor was great touch!

They need to have a few more non-alcohol options – like a tea machine! Who doesn’t want that rock-n-roll lifestyle with a nice cup of tea! The staff were great and the crowd turned up and just enjoyed the music! It was a proper good show!

One of the best parts of the show was the sound quality. When I go to venues like this one, the sound quality isn’t that good, but tonight it was clear. Well done to the Zeros team!

I wish I could!


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Like most of these shows, I only know the “main” act (I use the speech marks because they are the band I know but all the bands seem to give a fantastic show). Foxpalmer came up from London (on separate trains because Fern and her guitar (or bassist) left the other two behind!

For their first “Forever” I was getting Orianthi vibes because I thought Fern sounded like and then as they went on I was getting reminded about someone else’s voice (Just can’t think of who).

The best thing about not drinking is that I can make notes of song titles and two of the songs I got were “Way Dead” and her last song, of the night, “Destiny”.

I think it was the owner, who came round with the donation glass, who said he’ll looking to book them again and I don’t blame them! Hopefully, next time I’m in London I’ll try and see if they’re playing – and even check if they’re playing and go down just to see them as they were great. Fern was even in the crowd for Loz Campbell – so she didn’t get much rest! Great start!


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Now for the group I came to see!

I’ve been looking for Loz Campbell gigs since December but couldn’t find any. Found Marisa and The Moths (be there at their Workington show) but non for Loz – until last week and when I saw this was her first headline show, I had to come. Never, mind it was free entry (I’d pay for a ticket – pretty much did anyway) because if they’re playing on Saturday I’d come and watch any time!

The energy they had was ridiculous. Obviously, at Rebellion they had three acts on (as well as a curfew) but they seemed to have grown a lot since December and were given more time tonight and were allowed to let loose to perform the way they wanted! Loz came out towards the crowd (Thought, we were getting another Sumo Cyco theme of kneeling down, but she just gave us an up-close guitar playing lesson!)

From start to finished, they just carried on playing through songs, only stopping to change guitars and for a rather nice birthday gesture! The only time I can say I’ve seen someone just play is Bryan Adams – he hardly stopped.

They played some of the songs from Rebellion (still don’t know what one of them was) “Bad Girl” and “What Are You Doing It For”, with some of their old and new songs thrown in – like “Green Eyes” and “Plenty Of Fools” (Her Yorkshire accent made it sound more like plenty of foals) [I was up in her neck of the woods last week for Bowling For Soup and Leeds on the 1st – I just can’t escape Yorkshire at the moment!]. They even did a Garbage cover of “Only Happy When It Rains” (thought the only Garbage song I’ve heard was the James Bond song but I have heard this one before, just didn’t know who played it!) – they pulled that one off! There’s a nice playthrough of “Lady Beryllium” with “Generic Girl” (The video clip has somehow turned into an audio clip – not sure what happened there!)

In the Rebellion review, I labelled the guitarist as awesome. That was his first show and tonight I think awesome doesn’t quite give him credit. He was fantastic once again. You hard Loz singing, Tom, the drummer and then Steve just jumping off anything he could. But just like Rebellion, he was interacting with crowd during the guitar changes. For the Garbage cover, he said about music being made in the 90’s but I always thought (barring a few decent bands) decent music ended in the 80’s, had a nap in the 90’s and came back in the 00’s! He reminded last night of Billy Grey from Fozzy, full of energy whilst giving something else to the band rather than just stand there. (Also, I like the sneaky, little one-handed guitar playing spots! He’s got to keep them in the act!)

I will try and catch weekend show when they go on tour in the Summer (A Yorkshire date would be special!) because the atmosphere was incredible and the energy was just infectious – I think the show finished at 11.30pm and even though I wasn’t drinking you still got a buzz!

I knew they were special from Rebellion Loz Campbell certainly lived up the mark tonight – and more! (She was probably just making up for the last time she was there, getting a little too drunk! – Just kidding!!!)


Can’t really say much more! Running out of adjectives!

Bowling For Soup was always going to be epic, last week,

Tonight was almost a perfect show! The atmosphere, the energy, performances, sound quality were all spot on! The only thing that could have made it any better would have been a beer – well beers!!!

I found out tonight that you don’t really need to drink to have a good time (but it does help!). Stalybridge does seem a nice little place. That’s the best thing about travelling to see a band you like. You get to go to new places (go nice little journeys – by car or train (preferably the latter!) and meet new people! Fern was great throughout the show and Loz and Steve! They made time to speak to everyone! Just a proper laid back, energetic show!

Thank you to both bands and the Zeros team too, because, just like I’ve already said, it was a really, really great night!

(We’re back to old-school reviews with this one! Long paragraphs, videos and photos! The photos may not be the best, but I learnt in Edinburgh that instead of swapping between photo and video screenshot moments from the videos. Some have come out good. There’s one with Loz, Steve and Tom “glowing” – that one shows how they lit up the place! (Had to get that in there!)

Thanks for reading (and as I’ve found out in the last week people actually do read these reviews). I have been rather fortunate in April to have watched a lot of shows but now it’s starting to wind down. Tonight was an unexpected but much appreciated little bonus, however, next up is Marisa and The Moths followed by Alice Cooper! (Alice Cooper probably won’t be a review as you what to expect, but we’ll see. This website was setup to help spread the word of upcoming bands, to give them a platform to get noticed through live performances (and I think we have helped some – Crawlers for one!).

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  1. The guy collecting was Brad Bennett – he runs Panda Monium music presentations and puts gigs on at Zeros, give him a follow on Fb, he really knows his music

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