Venue: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK; Date: 1/4/22;
Bands: Rum Doodle, Ian Prowse & Amsterdam and Crawlers; Doors opened 7.30pm; Show started 8.10pm (roughly)

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(N.B. Had some personal issues as well as being busy with work, which is why this review is a little late)

Rating: Surprisingly Good

I’ll admit walking down to the Brudenell, I was thinking this could be a bad night as it looked like a dodgy area but the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” couldn’t be more true! The club was good, you had the stage area to the left and the bar area to the right (Or so I thought). I drove there for a change and I was held up in traffic on the way into Leeds but I was only 10 minutes late – I even walked past Holly and Liv at about twenty to eight (I was looking at the map to find the shop. If I wasn’t I would’ve said hello).

I got in around 19.50 I entered and the show hadn’t started. Had to wait until ten past eight for the first group.

Rum Doodle

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I don’t know if these were the support acts but these guys were a double act just playing folk music – I wasn’t expecting that but it was nice to hear. They were sung about Leeds’ history and even about the Liverpool-Leeds canal (can’t get away from Liverpool – and more on that later).

Overall, they were a nice touch to the show and I enjoyed them and they kept us entertained for an hour. I don’t think I’ll be seeing them again, unless I’m in Leeds again and they just happen to be playing and that would be decent surprise. They’re a good band to check out. I wasn’t expecting to listen to fold music but it was something different. Rum Doodle were an entertaining act, well worth a seeing live.

One of the funny moments came when someone, who looked like Santa (Probably more like Billy Connelly, to be honest) was standing in front of them and they asked who remembered the 70’s. They said he did, to which the person behind me shouted Jimmy Saville (You shouldn’t really laugh at that but I’m quite sick so I found it funny).

Ian Prowse & Amsterdam

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Ian Prowse started about 9.30 and I was thinking it was going to be long night. These guys were excellent. More indy-rock or Oasis style but they were more my type. Someone from Wigan told me that they were good and they didn’t disappoint – I’d say he under-rated them. They were a great headline act.

I came to see a Liverpool band and got see one – albeit one I’d never heard of but will be going to see again! Ian Prowse delivered an epic performance I was lucky enough to be at the front. It was packed when they came on, so everyone came to see them (or the Crawlers but like me didn’t know there was another stage).

They put on a really good show. They said they’ve got a show in Liverpool in December but I’ll be checking to see if they’ve got any shows earlier because they really were an amazing group! The songs were energetic and even at 11pm I wanted more. I wasn’t disappointed I missed Crawlers because Ian Prowse certainly made up for it!


Despite not seeing the Crawlers it was still an epic night. Holly and Liv could’ve said something along with the guy who was checking the tickets abut there being two stages – only found out from the security guard. Good April Fools joke, though!

(A shame Holly couldn’t see my Crawlermania design)

I only came up to finally have a Friday and Saturday night out in Leeds and Crawlers was just an excuse to go, but I had an amazing night and even the pub next door was nice (busy) but despite the area there was no trouble just a nice atmosphere. This was a really good night and both bands were great, with Ian Prowse really standing out (Just because that’s more my music).

I’m driving (again) to Scarborough for Bowling For Soup, which I am looking forward to – that should be special! Next, it’s Marisa and The Moths in Workington and then Alice Cooper in Glasgow!

Thanks for reading!

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