Venue: Scarborough Spa, Scarborough, UK; Date: 15/4/22;
Bands: The Dollyrots, Lit and Bowling For Soup; Doors opened 7.00pm; Show started 7.30pm (roughly)

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Rating: AMAZING!

We have been waiting for this for 2 years and I have to admit I prefer train travel but the drive up to Scarborough was great, with many fantastic views and, surprisingly, little traffic – until I got about 20 minutes away. The best view was coming down the hill and seeing the footbridge with the coast behind it.

Having waited for this for so long, I made sure I wasn’t going to be late and I got down to the Spa at 6.50 and got quite a shock at the length of the queue – pretty much the length of the road. I knew it was going to be packed but I wasn’t expecting a queue that long and time consuming. Usually, the line goes down fast but not this time. Needless to say by the time I got in The Dollyrots had started! I could hear them outside and they sounded good.

The beer prices were actually cheap for a gig – £4.50 – but it was Carling (so you can’t have everything).

The Dollyrots

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When I got in, instead of the usual bar-run, I just got a spot and stayed there. I think I just missed the first two songs. I’d never heard of The Dollyrots but I do now – they were awesome! You may think I says this about all the bands – and I do for the majority, but I have criticised some *cough*Alien Ant Farm*cough* walked out on them – but The Dollyrots were really good and got the crowd excited. Unfortunately, they seemed a bit rushed but they were still special. The singer said she had a jacket for the tour for everyone to sign (should’ve have signed it but a drink was just as important! May next time!)

When they finished, we got who I think was like a MC figure, saying about how good they were and the usual stuff about the next acts. Nice little touch, trying to make the night even bigger than it already was.


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Obviously, I needed a drink so in the interval I went the bar and should have just turned around and went back to the stage area as, again, it was long. I don’t think the queue was that bad but it was the way people were queuing – kind of like the old snake game. Again, I missed most of Lit. I wasn’t too fussed though, as I haven’t heard too many of their songs but they do sound good live – surprised that they were supporting Bowling For Soup but the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

I kind of left before they finished to join the bar queue (which wasn’t that long). I got a sort of decent spot, unfortunately, I didn’t want to get amongst the crowd at the front, as I could see the stage and film without much obstructions.

Bowling For Soup

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The main event time! I got a sort of decent spot, unfortunately, I didn’t want to get amongst the crowd at the front, as I could see the stage and film without much obstructions. I had to do this one without a drink but that didn’t matter!

They had a nice little entrance with the Bowling For Soup chants. I kind of cheated because I looked at the setlists for the previous shows (only so I knew when to stop recording and enjoy the show) but what they don’t say is how they really made an effort and entertained us. They made fun of the “Yorkshire chant” – never heard that before but it does sound like “you’re shit”. The comedy/joke segment was a bit cheesy but still fun.

The songs seemed a bit rushed for some reason especially since the show ended at 10.30pm – could have lasted a bit longer (don’t think anyone would complain if they went over). The screen behind them was good, with them playing some of their music videos. The best part was the extra song we got! Looking at the previous shows they only played “1985” as the “encore” but we got that plus “Emily”.

It was one of the best shows I’ve been to and that includes Airbourne, Metallica, Fozzy and Sumo Cyco – well worth the 2 year wait!


The Dollyrots and Bowling For Soup seemed to rush their songs but both provided an energetic performance producing a really good atmosphere. Bowling For Soup had a similar vibe to Airbourne. If they’re coming back to the UK then I’ll be going! I have to see them again – I just need to make sure to get to the venue two hours before it starts (or maybe 3 or 4 hours).

As for Scarborough, it’s up there with Edinburgh! It’s a fantastic place and I will definitely be returning there – next time on the train!

It truly was a Good Friday!

I found out this week that Loz Campbell is in Stalybridge next Saturday – headlining – so I’ll be definitely going to see her again. I’ve also found out that Ian Prowse is playing in Edinburgh on the Friday before Alice Cooper, so perhaps a little trip across Scotland is on the cards – anything to go back to Edinburgh! And in between we can’t forget the awesome Marisa and The Moths! Some great gigs coming up over the next few weeks.

Also, let’s not forget the rest of 2022! I’ll be heading back to Manchester in November for the Crawlers next tour. We’ve also got Sumo Cyco’s UK tour (hopefully this year) and possibly a Fozzy European tour – will be going to that one since Nottinngham got cancelled!

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