Venue: Arts Club, Liverpool, UK; Date: 25/3/22;
Bands: Abi Rosie Kelly, Gen and The Degenerates and Crawlers; Doors opened 7.00pm; Show started 7.30pm (roughly)

(N.B. Had some personal issues as well as being busy with work, which is why this review is a little late)

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Rating: Amazing Homecoming

Firstly, I was running late for some personal problems – not much late only half an hour.

I’ve got to say the Arts Club, although, a bit hard to find, was a really nice venue. It was like an old theatre-style with the floor standing and then the gradual standing as you move up. It was probably the most perfect venue in terms of viewing as you could get a decent view pretty much anywhere in the venue. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more shows here! The beer prices were reasonable too!

Abi Rose Kelly

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As I was running late I kind of missed a few songs but for the ones I saw, she was good. They sounded like a bit like the Crawlers.

It was a really nice, exciting start to what was always going to be special show. Great songs and a great view – what more would you want! I’d definitely see her again. This is what The Gigzter is about. Finding singers/bands you don’t know and having a great night! She was a really nice hidden gem and someone to keep and eye on.

Gen and The Degenerates
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They had that punk-look and had some decent songs. I’ve seen most pits but I’ve never seen a “gay pit” – many fans waving the pride flags – something different!

Their songs were nice and you could tell they have a promising career. They have their own style, identity and own songs. That’s great as, like Crawlers, they stand out.

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Well they had to add to nights for Liverpool but Crawlers certainly delivered in their homecoming show!

They played their usual songs along with some entertaining spots. This was the perfect venue for them. Crawlers really have grown and their US tour is going to be incredible to attend but Leeds will be just as good as well!

Got to say that in this short time the Crawlers have become this iconic band, with a large following. They’re starting to reach the levels of the punk bands of the 00’s and people will be listening to them for years to come!

I normally try and meet afterwards but not this time, unfortunately. Crawlers never seem to disappoint and each show seems to get better so they join a unique group of bands you will never get fed up in seeing.


This was always going to be a great night, with it being the Crawlers homecoming but the venue just gave it that extra special touch.

Next week, I will going to Leeds to see Crawlers (just as an excuse to have a night out in Leeds – and to see Crawlers too!). Abi Rose Kelly was fantastic and Gen and The Degenerates were good too. I wouldn’t disappointed seeing both again, but Abi Rose Kelly were more my musical taste.

Next up is Crawlers in Leeds. I wasn’t planning on doing a review for this one but with me being late for this one, I will. Then it is the big one – 2 years in the making – Bowling For Soup, in Scarborough. Then it’s Marisa and The Moths in Workington (had to go to this, as they were so good last time) and then Alice Cooper in Glasgow!

Thanks for reading!

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