Venue: Rebellion, Manchester, UK; Date: 20/11/21;
Bands: Loz Campbell, Bastette and Marisa and The Moths; Doors opened 7.00pm; Show started 7.15pm (roughly)

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It was my second time at Rebellion (having been there for Sumo Cyco when they toured with Butcher Babies) and they’ve had a bit of a refurb. I was looking forward to the high bar but that’s been moved. It looked like it wasn’t finished (unless that’s what they are going for). Also, the portaloo’s were back – Hopefully, they’re not keeping those!

Loz Campbell
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I wasn’t expecting such a quick start but there was a decent sized crowd considering it was the first act and Loz Campbell were great. Great choice to kick off the night! Loz Campbell a three member band from Yorkshire and Loz, I think that’s her name (the singer and awesome guitarist) interacted with crowd in between songs. I wish they had more time because I got in them. They may have had only about 30 minutes but they made it count and didn’t waste any time.

These guys are a band to keep an eye on. I’ll be looking for their next tour dates. Check out their YouTube channel for their songs because they are definitely worth a listen. With a mixture of heavy and soft songs you’ve got a nice choice to choose from.

Check out her songs “Bad Girl”, “What Are You Doing It For” and a song that I have forgot the name of, but it was the second song she performed!

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Again, there wasn’t much time in between Loz Campbell and Bastette – just enough time to get a drink. But we went from a three-piece band to a five piece band. They may have took up most of the stage but they used it well. Bastette were great and continued were Loz Campbell left off.

Bastette had a feel of a band who should be headlining tours. They’ve got the look of a main band and have the songs to match! They had a lot of energy and that was passed onto the crowd!

They didn’t get that much longer – probably 30-40 minutes but they were great – playing some great songs. The middle act probably has the toughest place (being after opening act and before the main act) but Bastette had that commanding stage presence.

Marisa and The Moths
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I’ve waited over a year to see these guys (I was going to go Blackpool and watch them last year but things kind of changed) and I have to say that Marisa and The Moths were well worth the wait. I liked the fact that Marisa (I think that’s her name) came onto the stage with a pint as opposed to a bottle of water!

It’s not often you get to see two bands on the same night with the singer also playing a guitar but Marisa did – it must have been a string night with the amount of guitars that all three bands had! (Not complaining because you can’t go wrong with a guitar!).

They were great and played a mixture of songs – heavy and soft and interacted with the crowd. They had an hour, which wasn’t long enough.

They did an encore and I shall be waiting for their next tour dates to be announced because I’ll definitely be going back! (I may try and got to the Liverpool show, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make that!

I hope Marisa found her phone too!


I really enjoyed the show, with three amazing bands and also it was great to be back in Manchester – it’s the home of gig nights!

It’s great when you watch bands live that you haven’t heard before and you then leave a fan of them! I will watch all of them again (hopefully their next tour dates fall on a Friday or Saturday!

It was also a bit strange not to see a mosh pit – I always thought that came free in Manchester? Someone always starts one there but not this time, which made the show that much better!

I wish I had known about the Edinburgh gig as Bannerman’s is a nice little venue and all three of these bands will excel there!

So thank you Loz Campbell, Bastette and Marisa and The Moths for putting on such a great show! I enjoyed every second of the show – it was just a shame it had to finish!

Hope you enjoyed the review and I’ll be back for either for Fozzy or Emma Blackery.

Thanks for reading!

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