Venue: Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK; Date: 18/9/21;
Bands: Kris Barras Band & Black Stone Cherry; Doors opened 7:00pm; Show started 7.30pm

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Rating: No Regrets

As you are most probably aware, the Black Stone Cherry gig at the Usher Hall was cancelled due to faulty fire alarms. Yes, it would have been nice to see them considering the set list they have been playing, but I only got my ticket two week ago (After nearly two years) when normally tickets arrive within a month of buying them. However, I am not disappointed, I had smirk on my face when I saw the announcement and if Black Stone Cherry had not arranged the date I would not know when I would get to see Edinburgh. I had an amazing three days in Edinburgh and I am thankful for the chance to go as it is an amazing city and one you all need to go to.

There will be another chance to see Kris Barras Band and Black Stone Cherry but Edinburgh was great. Things happen that’s life but being in a city like Edinburgh is nothing to be disappointed about.

I felt the need to give you guys a review, so I have made a cheeky video for Black Stone Cherry but I also stumbled upon a nice little rock bar called Bannerman’s where I managed to see a band called H8teball – saw the last three songs (as I didn’t realise there was gig there – there were four bands playing starting early (I was there for about 5 minutes until I got to watch the last three songs).

Kris Barras Band
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Black Stone Cherry
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Here’s the tongue-in-cheek video, enjoy!

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Here’s the three songs from H8teball, enjoy!

(It didn’t feel weird to be back watching a band among a crowd after all the lockdowns, but it did feel good. There were only about 20 people there but it was a small room).

H8teball were great to watch and I’d see them again.


So Black Stone Cherry was a miss, but H8teball were a decent surprise and Edinburgh was well worth it! It was by no way a waste of a trip. There must be something about Black Stone Cherry because their tour a few years ago, when they were playing near Cardiff, I was thinking of going but it was just the location that put me off – guess this was karma!

But I guess this means my first proper gig is now going to be Crawlers in London (My first gig in London) and it will be great as London offers a great night out! However, it’s funny as Crawlers were my last gig before the lockdowns so it’s kind of come full circle!

Do give H8teball a listen to and go and watch them if you can.

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