Venue: Melkweg Upstairs, Amsterdam, NL; Date: 18/1/20;
Bands: Danny Wright & Bronnie; Doors opened 7:00pm; Show started 7.30pm

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Rating: DECENT

Okay the gig was great, but the Melkweg is just a bit of a con with the membership charge – What other venue says you need to a membership to get in? The actual stage area was bigger than I expected and the show was fantastic – Danny Wright (Unkown to me) and Bronnie both played well! Plus there was a cameo of Frankenstein’s monster (See the pictures!)

There was a great selection of background/intermission tracks – Some of the songs, I hadn’t heard in years!

Danny Wright
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I’m used to more heavy gigs but this took me back. The punk style seems to be having a resurgence after it was quite big back in 2003.

He opened with ‘Internet Celebrity’ – not a bad song. Great choice to open up with. He was good but wish he had a backing band to give his performance that authentic-live feel rather than a backing track.

He did say what each song was, but I’ve forgotten them. He did play a few ‘new’ songs.

(Going to get some flack for this next bit – it may even get censored because you know, you can’t criticise people nowadays)

Now you should know me by now. I don’t mince my words, I just say it like it is and I thought some of his lyrics were glorifying depression and this anxiety/self-harming that is becoming a major issue. He seems to mask this with the tune (I think most people forget about the lyrics if the song has a great sound to it). There’s one song, which he called ‘I hate everything about me’, where he mentions about being someone else. He probably means it in positive way to help those suffering through mental health. Hopefully, his fans will not interpret those lyrics in the wrong way and realise you are who you are and that there’s no shame not being like everyone else – I’d hate to be like everyone else. Be proud to be different, no one is the same!

I also thought he was a bit inappropriate with his little crowd talks. Now it was a younger crowd (A few nobs like the tossers trying to get a mosh pit going for Bronnie – More on this later) and yet he was saying things like ‘How do you like my underwear’ and ‘Do you have Tinder’ , ‘You can find most of my songs on Tinder’ – Don’t want to speculate here, but here’s two words – Jimmy Savile! I think he needs to tone it down a tad!

Apart from that I thought he did a great job at opening the show despite being on for only about half an hour. Should have played a few more especially with the wait we had for Bronnie! Liked the spot light colours – Bronnie’s were better!

I’d put Danny Wright on my list of the ones to look for in 2020! I’d go see him live again!

[POST EDIT (NO PUN INTENDED) There was a third song, but that hasn’t transferred over to the computer. I have had a few little problems with this report. Problems copying the files, internet going off as well as busy with actual work as well as filing my tax return – couldn’t log into the bloody HMRC website!]

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Well when I last saw her (Supporting Sumo Cyco) I thought she just heavied up for her act but she was still a lot more heavier than Danny Wright – I prefer the heavier acts!

This is where I had a surprise cameo in front of me. I had a nice view from the back (Would be close to the stage, but I have an arm injury, so decided to avoid any knocks to it – See, shows how my dedication – Even when I’m injured I still won’t miss fantastic gigs!) for Danny Wright but for Bronnie this group of four twenty-something lads appeared (Confirmed later to be twats) and one was Frankenstein! (Just look at his head – proper flat!!! I’ve even put a comparison picture as proof!).

I thought Bronnie was great as a supporting act, but she was even better tonight! She got the crowd going and played some great songs – And just like in Liverpool, she had the rest of the band with her! (No backing tracks this time!)

She played her ‘usual’ songs (I have a confession to make. Since Liverpool, I haven’t actually listened to any of her songs – sorry) :(. She did say the song names and she did played some of her new songs that will be coming out later this year!

I noticed her taking some moves from Sumo Cyco – The part were Sky gets in the crowd and everyone gets low (Okay Bronnie didn’t get in the crowd) – she did do… try a crowd surf attempt at the end as well as do a nice little acoustic track – I do enjoy my acoustic tracks!


For one of her tracks think it was ‘Get A Grip’ the crowd started bouncing – not moshing – but these lads decided to get a mosh pit going – Shoving themselves into a bunch of girls – How touching! There’s always a nob everywhere you go! (Well I suppose not Berlin – The Bi Nuu is just a fun, nice atmosphere – great fans and great bands!)

She came back to do a one song encore having chosen to play ‘Social Rejects’ to close out the show.


It was a great show (Despite being in Amsterdam – not my favourite place). I enjoyed both acts but Bronnie did exceed my expectations. I will go and watch her again (Just need to learn some of her songs beforehand). She is on my list of those to watch in 2020 and she certainly justified that with her performance!

The show was like a nostalgia act with the punk style! Rock and heavy metal are good, but punk rock offers something for everyone! Brought back some memories of Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, Blink-182 amongst others.

I was going to try and catch-up with Bronnie after the show, but I headed off to the Cave (A great little rock club – I went to last time I was in Amsterdam – one of the better things about the city) to see more live music! (I’ll have to catch-up with her or the other band members next time). Do check out a Bronnie gig – you won’t be disappointed!

(Sorry for the pictures. Tried to get a good shot, but it was hard to get the right shot being at the back)

Was going to wear a custom Bronnie t-shirt (I wear one for Sumo Cyco, so she is in privileged company – not just anybody get’s a custom gig t-shirt! (I just didn’t have time to get it printed by the time I finished it – May wear it to the next gig!

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