2019 has been a great year [for me] with gigs. From icons such as Bryan Adams and Metallica to big names in Papa Roach to Airbourne as well as future greats in Sumo Cyco! But I have had the pleasure to watch some fantastic support acts along the way.

So, here is my pick for the top bands to watch in 2020! This list is in no particular order (The order is just who came to mind first!)

Here we go!

  1. Bronnie
    Okay, I maybe cheating a bit here. Bronnie already ticks the boxes for a headline act. She’s got her branding, marketing, merch, great songs, multiple platforms to showcase her music (As well as her own podcast). Bronnie is well on her way to becoming ‘big name’ in music!
  2. Crawlers
    Crawlers are an amazing band to see live. They have a style that quite unique to them, which is a good thing as it makes them different and allows them to stand out from the rest. They are still doing smaller gigs, but with a possible album in 2020 maybe 2020 is the year they breakout and make a proper name for themselves! Crawlers are definitely a band to keep your eye on – big things are awaiting them!
  3. As Sirens Fall
    These guys (like Bronnie) seem to have everything in place – including a decent little intro! Not many bands can say they can give Sumo Cyco a run for their money, but they did in at The Craufurd Arms. They have the potential to go far!
  4. Fang Club
    Opening for Metallica was probably a huge honour despite knowing people will be just arriving at the site, but Fang Club did well. I thought they had some great little songs and performed well. Out of the five bands there, I’d put them 3rd!
  5. Saharaline
    They opened the show (For Dirty Orange @ EBGBS) and they weren’t a a bad little band. Never heard of them before, but I do now! Their songs are catchy – a few more gigs and more exposure and I’m sure Sahareline will soon be up there! Watch out for these guys!
  6. Nana White Peppers
    One of the bands I saw in EBGBS. Again, they had their own style – with the party leis’ around the mic’ stands, the flowery pants/shirts and good songs. This Blackpool band need to be on your list of bands-to-see in 2020!
  7. Dirty Orange
    Dirty Orange headlined the EBGBS gig and they were good. The crowd did disappear when they came on. The crowd came together for the Crawlers but wandered off for the headline act. Dirty Orange have got a decent range of songs but they may have already broke out – still a good band to go watch, when they are playing!
  8. Our Divinity
    A band from Liverpool and they were good at Phase One – I would go and watch them again. Everyone on that night were great, but Our Divinity stood and that’s how you get your name out there! Watch out for these this year!
  9. Breathe Atlantis
    Watched these at the Bi Nuu, Berlin (The same venue as Fozzy) and as a middle act, they were great – much better than To The Rats and Wolves! Liked how they mixed up the language – not just playing in English but in German as well. Apologies, if they happen to be a big band, but they were unknown to me and it was unfortunate the UK Manchester gig had to be cancelled, keep an eye on these guys!
  10. Flash Forward
    Flash Forward started the night [At the Bi Nuu] and with them and Breathe Atlantis it is a toss up to see who were better! Flash Forward certainly got the crowd fired up (Like any good first act should) but between the two support acts they managed to steal the show from ‘The Rats and Wolves. All three were unknown to me but Flash Forward definitely stood out!

Honourable mentions:

Here’s a list of bands to also look out for in 2020!

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown, Soul Desire, Krashkarma, Skarlett Riot (Cheating a bit here) and Marw!

Got any other upcoming bands you think should be on this list? Leave a comment below and let us know and we will look to check them out when they are playing!

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