Venue: The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes, UK; Date: 29/11/19;
Bands: Suburban, As Sirens Fall & Sumo Cyco; Doors opened 7:30pm; Show started 8.00pm

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Rating: Bloody Fantastic

Before I begin I just want to say go fuck yourselves London Midland (Northwestern)!

Right, let’s begin.

I was running late because of a complete bollocksup with my train tickets (not showing in the app or my account) so I was on the phone trying to sort that out. I got their for 8pm – just missed the start of Suburban.

The Craufurd Arms (I only just realised last night when I looked at the ticket it’s not Crauford… my bad, need to change my t-shirt now!) is a great little rock pub – Like the Dev in Camden – and it has a pool table! The staff were fun! I would go back there!

[Just like to point out that when my videos aren’t steady it’s not because my hands are wobbly. It’s because I get into the songs and prefer to watch the bands with my eyes rather than constantly look at my phone. I just glance the phone throughout the performance – to check it is still recording. As for the photo’s I use a mobile and again I come for music so I just try and take a few good shots rather than pot around getting that good shot. It gives a much more authentic feel taking shit photos instead of taking professional-looking ones (Anyone can do that!)

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He was alright, not really my style. He was bit too rappy – A bit like Linken Park, that rap/rock mix. He wasn’t too heavy but he wasn’t on for long. I missed the start (getting a beer) and he only did a few songs before he was off.

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They began their performance to a similar way bigger groups do – with the little intro track (like Metallica and Airbourne) – This one was more of a darker version of Nick Cave and The Bad Seed’s ‘Big Red Hand’ (Also played in Dumb and Dumber before the little old lady scene).

The first song was a great kick-off song and it seemed to do the trick – getting everyone into them (They have the potential to be a massive band. They’ve got the intro, they know how to work the crowd and they’ve got great songs – A breakout band to watch out for!)

They didn’t seem to be on for long but they did leave a positive impression. Sumo Cyco know to pick their supporting acts (Yes they probably don’t but to name a few Bronnie, Skarlett Riot, Crawlers, Devilskin are groups I had never heard of before I saw them with Sumo Cyco but I do now and I do my best to see them when they’re on!)

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Signs they are getting big – They had an intro too! (They’ve never done that before). The song was familiar but I can’t quite remember where I’ve heard it from – I’m sure it’s from a horror film (Or A Tim Burton film). There’s clip below, let me know, with a comment.

They kicked things off with ‘Love You Wrong’ [A bit of a surprise] followed by another shock in ‘Fighter’ (Thought that was too early), then ‘Loose Cannon’ and ‘Undefeated’. They had their crowd-talk segment and went into ‘Free Yourself’, ‘Go Go Go’ and then they played a new song (Saw them sing this in Liverpool, but I called this ‘Speaks To Me’ turns out it’s not that) ‘This Dance Is Doomed’.

Skye did her usual in-crowd bit (Quite a few times actually – including the crowd surfing and jump up bit for Move Mountains (Later on).

(I didn’t take too many videos, just the new songs, the crowd was a bit rowdier this time – Haven’t seen a crowd like that since they were in Manchester with CKY! ). Despite the crowd moshing it was good and some of them may have looked like nobheads they weren’t – acknowledging to see if you were okay after being they pushed into you (Don’t get that in Manchester!).

Some of them should’ve kept their shirts on – fat bastards (And to the George ‘The Animal’ Steele hairy back guy – have a shave! [Do what you want, I’m joking – if you’re reading this]).

It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown since I first saw them. When they opened for Fozzy they were on for just 30 mins (Skye still got in the then-sparse crowd), Matt didn’t really get involved. And now, the crowd are really into them, Skye does more crowd spots Matt does more interactions as well (You have keeping switching between him and Skye when she’s in the crowd). It’s just weird seeing them evolve from a band I’ve never heard of to a band I travel across the country (And Europe if needbe) to see!

I was speaking to someone who agrees that As Siren Falls could be massive band but he also said that Sumo Cyco would reach a peak and drop off. Hopefully he’s wrong about them. Hopefully, they have alot of life left in them!

Next up, ‘Crowd Control’, ‘Rivalry’ and then another new song ‘New Jive’ followed by ‘Passengers’ – They mixed in ‘The Ugly’ too with this – nice touch!

They did a nice acoustic version (Well the start anyway – they went for the heavier version for the end) of ‘Brave II’ then played ‘Cry Murder’ and yet another newish song ‘Run With The Giants’.

They did ‘Anti-Anthem’ and finished with ‘Limp’. They cmae back and did an encore (Another first for them – the first when I’ve seen them). They came back and did ‘Move Mountains’ (With the jump up crowd and crowd surfing bits) and finished on ‘Sleep Tight’.

If was looking I could’ve caught a drum stick – I was looking the other way and just glimpse of it as it came towards me – just missed it! No cover songs this time – felt strange them not playing a cover.

I was pleasantly surprised (at the venue not Sumo Cyco – I expected no less, as good as always!) at how good the night was. The day started off crap but it ended great. Should’ve stayed there for the night.

Didn’t meet Skye this time but did speak to Matt (He does have good taste – he was drinking Heineken!). Hopefully, they will be coming back to Liverpool (He likes it there). Don’t about the rest of them (They probably did) but Matt went into the bar area – By then I was waiting for a taxi.

Sumo Cyco once again proved a massive draw and can’t wait for their next gig! (If you guys are reading this PLEASE HAVE A FRIDAY/SATURDAY night gig in a decent place no more Hulls, Birminghams and Milton Keynes (Even though Milton Keynes wasn’t that bad – Yes I know right!).

The lack of ear ringing is good, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an epic night.

Next for me it’s Amsterdam for Bronnie (The gig will be great, just the city isn’t that good – Well I didn’t think so but it was Monday to Wednesday. Probably better on a weekend!).

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