Venue: EBGBS, Liverpool, UK; Date: 23/11/19;
Bands: Sahara Line, Nana White Pepper, Crawlers & Dirty Orange; Doors opened 7:30pm; Show started 8.00pm

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Rating: SUPERB!

It was a bit different from the night before – at the O2 watching Airbourne, but I thought all bands were great. I came for the Crawlers but I enjoyed everyone of them. I was actually too early this time (They changed the start on the day). Also, I hadn’t been to EBGBS in a years so it was nice finally see a gig there! As I got there early I got speaking to a few people and it appeared the Crawlers were the band everyone came to see (Good to know people have good taste).

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I got to see these guys do their sound check and they sounded decent and when the time came to perform – they were decent! Unfortunately, they seemed a little rushed, only playing a few songs (Found out that there were four bands rather than three – bonus!). I could have listened to them longer – will be keeping an eye on them! It was just a shame there weren’t more people.

See what you think with the videos below (Hopefully, the videos are of a good quality).

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Got to admit when I saw these guys warming up, I thought they were part of the stage crew. They put some lays on the mic stands (Just wish they put them on, but suppose there wasn’t enough people there). I was expecting the Crawlers, so I was surprised when we got four bands instead of three, not complaining though. Got to speak to the guitarist later, who told me they are from Blackpool – they are worth the trip up to Blackpool, need to see them again. Once again they played a few songs – got the feeling this is what the Skarlett Riot Satan’s Hollow gig was like (The bands being restricted to just a few songs).

Nana White Pepper had a good Indy-rock style to them. I got a few videos and pictures, but was hoping for more songs – Can’t complain though! All bands gave us a great night! Their act was a bit blinding at times – thank god I don’t have epilepsy. It was good to have strobe lights in a small club, but I think they should tone it down a bit.

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(If this is not their official YouTube channel do let us know)

The band I (and most other people) came to see. The Crawlers have this new, own style to them that sets them apart from other bands (And the trumpet helps too). From Holly’s ‘Don’t mess with me’ on-stage persona to the other band members – They all get chance to show their talents in solo parts. (Confession, I went to The Lounge to see them, but didn’t do a review as the video quality was so bad I didn’t want to make them out to be poor – they are far better than the videos show, at least the videos this time are a better than last time!).

The Crawlers are a band with a bright future. They are a band ready to breakout and I would recommend you go and see them! (I liked the ‘Ghostbuster’ outfit Holly was wearing tonight (I know it she wasn’t in ghostbuster fancy dress, she just looked like she was)) I will definitely need to learn their songs (three times now and I can’t really sing a long or say what the song titles are – except for ‘Debt’ – Only because I caught Holly say it at The Lounge).

Again, I wish they played more songs, but I will go and see them again – probably next year now, but will keep an eye on them for any dates that may turn up. Just one question – where was the fucking crowd? Three bands in and the place was empty (I was expecting a much bigger crowd). Suppose on the bright-side, you could get a decent view of the stage!

Dirty Orange
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I kind of felt sorry for Dirty Orange. Although, some of the crowd moved forward, it was still quite empty (The Crawlers made up the crowd too – which was nice) and some of the crowd seemed to lack interest, just talking amongst themselves. I thought they were good and I got a few songs from them.

Got to say hello to the Crawler’s bassist and Holly before leaving with 15 minutes to go (to make sure I caught the train and another pint in The Swan [A must-go for any rock fans – Liverpool’s only proper rock bar! (That I know)]. I would watch Dirty Orange again (Only the second time I’ve left part way through a performance and that was a disappointing Alien Ant Farm. Dirty Orange were decent and needed a bigger crowd.

Arriving early for a change and getting four really good bands (instead of three) made this a really good night out. Okay, I don’t think it was ever going to top Airbourne (the previous night, sorry Crawlers) but I don’t think many bands could – And I include Metallica and Surprisingly Sumo Cyco (Although, they will come pretty bloody close on Friday).

However, every single band performed well and I will be going to see them again. One thing I did get the next day was ringing ears – You know it’s a good gig when you get ringing ears the next day (Something I didn’t get with Airbourne – shockingly). As I said earlier the Crawlers are a band I think are breakout stars and 2020 could be their year! Be sure to check them out when you can!

Thanks for reading and I will be doing a Gigzter Report on Sumo Cyco @ The Crauford Arms. Then it’s off to Amsterdam for Bronnie live (Finally get to see Amsterdam at a weekend – it’s pretty boring during the week!).

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