Venue: O2 Academy, Liverpool, UK; Date: 22/11/19;
Bands: Cellar Door Moon Crow, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown & Airbourne; Doors opened 7:00pm; Show started 7.30pm

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Rating: Fanfuckingtastic!

Twice been to the O2 and both times have been great! We were in the big room – felt like I was back at the Manchester Academy. It’s been a great year for gigs – Bryan Adams, Metallica, Papa Roach and Sumo Cyco and Airbourne didn’t disappoint. Just a shame I missed the start but the atmosphere was amazing, no nobheads and great music – can’t wait for Sumo Cyco next week.

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Now I have to admit, I was thinking 7.30pm for the doors opening, so I got there just as they were starting. Unlike Papa Roach (where the floor was not that busy for the support band), tonight it was packed from the start.

These guys were different, not as heavy but knew how to work the crowd. They weren’t my cup of tea, but they were not bad. The only thing was how the singer kept saying ‘Thank you Liverpool’ quite often as if they were finishing – maybe leave that to the last song or penultimate song.

See what you think with the video below.

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These guys were pretty good, more heavier than CDMC. They weren’t as good working the crowd but their songs were more of my taste. Shakedown were what you wanted as the (main) support act and they certainly warmed the crowd up for Airbourne.

The crowd were into them – may need to listen to these guys.

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Now for the main event. The Terminator song hit (Think it was… from the first one or second film – haven’t watched them in years, so it be a song from a different film). They kicked things off with ‘Raise The Flag’, ‘Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast’ and ‘Burnout The Nitro’ (I only listened to this the other day, so it was fresh!). They spoke to the crowd in between the songs – didn’t disappoint!

Next up, they played ‘Girls In Black’, ‘Backseat Boogie’ and Bottom Of The Well’ – they told the meaning behind the latter (Don’t think anyone wouldn’t have guessed, but at least they told us!).

They mentioned Lemmy (of Motorhead), which was a nice touch and the crowd did the ‘Lemmy’ chants. Next was ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’ and ‘It’s All For Rock ‘n’ Roll’ before playing their new song (and name of the tour) ‘Boneshaker’.

I was made up they played ‘Live It Up’ – the song that got me into them (check out the feature-length song live video) before finishing on ‘Stand Up For Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The crowd chanted for an encore – of course they were bloody going to give us one! They played ‘Ready To Rock’ and ended on ‘Runnin’ Wild’ – great song and amazing live. They stretched this a bit and started throwing pints into the crowd (Nothing my end) with some lucky bastards catching them – A flying pint is definitely something I would catch…no way I’d let a pint go to waste!

But what a night! Airbourne were fantastic a proper old school band – The videos don’t do them justice. They sounded much better live than on camera (Despite, the videos being clear – better than my last phone anyway) [I never doubted them] and the atmosphere of the crowd was better than anywhere I been to before – including Metallica – Liverpool is the place to go to for a gig night! Don’t know why Fozzy haven’t come back? I never went to a Liverpool gig before last December and I have certainly made up for it this year (Not biased) but Liverpool one great city!

I’ll be at EBGBS on Saturday night for The Crawlers that should be good! Then it’s Sumo Cyco in Milton Keynes next Friday to see off the year. Both will be Gigzter Reviews!

Thanks for reading and see you all next time!

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