Venue: Manchester Academy 1, Manchester, UK; Date: 20/4/19;
Bands: Nothing More, Papa Roach; Doors opened 6:00pm; Show started 8.00pm

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(DUE TO WORK LOAD I AM FINISHING THIS AFTER METALLICA AND SUMO CYCO JUNE GIGS. APOLIGIES IF REPORT SEEMS TO BE HALF-ARSED). Also the video sound quality is not really that good, okay they’re shit, so sorry for the lack of videos!

I actually got to a Manchester gig on time – The first time since my very first gig with Fozzy and Drowning Pool!

When I queued up the line was near the end of the block, but it soon became massive. Didn’t have to wait long in the queue, but the security was strict – metal detectors were out along with a strip search as well as the usual bag search. I have been to all three Academy venues now and that’s the first time security has been like that – but I’ve got nothing to hide and as long it keeps everyone safe let them do what they need to.

Nothing More
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They opened with ‘Let ‘Em Burn’ – good opening song. Their opening was what you would want from the opening act – You want them to get the crowd going and they did. I had a decent view for them, but there was plenty of space (That would change for Papa Roach).

Nothing More gave us more songs – after ‘Let ‘Em Burn’ – Wrong band name then. Their performance was good, but I just couldn’t get into the gig (And that continued for Papa Roach). I would see these again, just to get the different mood when I’m up for it – Must be because I was early (For Manchester) for a change, my body’s not used to it!

They did do a decent cover of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Boyzone….joke….by Queen. That was nice surprise – I think more bands should do more Queen covers!

Went to get another pint after them (Thinking I was tired through low fuel – turns out It wasn’t the beer!). Managed to get another drink in before Papa Roach started. Managed to get a “not-bad” view (not as good as I got for Nothing More, but I could still see the stage).

Papa Roach
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I was looking forward to seeing these and they didn’t disappoint. They kicked things off with ‘Last Resort’ and straight into ‘Help’ and ‘Who Do you Trust’. They took a break to speak to the crowd (As bands do).

Next they played ‘Getting Away With Murder’, which I thought they played too early (Would have expected this to be one of the last ones).

Unfortuantely, the sound quality has turned out the best on some videos (Despite being a good distance from the stage – My Phase One videos sound much better AND I was as close as you could get to the stage).

They did a few more songs including ‘Scars’. They ended with ‘To Be Loved’ – Made up they played this (Missed the start as they went straight into it).

They did do an encore, starting with a cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’. I moved to the back after this (I felt too old at this gig and I’m not!) Next was ‘Infest’ and they finished with ‘Born For Greatness’.

I still went to The Alesbury for the unofficial ‘After-Show drinks’ (Love this pub!).


It was a good day until about half way through Nothing More – That’s when I became really old (Bounced back for Sumo Cyco though… I just wanted to pull an all-nighter!).

I tried to pick myself up for Papa Roach, but apart from the songs I wanted to see I just couldn’t get into it. It’s not to say both bands were bad, because they weren’t. It was just tiredness that made me feel disinterested.

This year has been different to many. I’ve seen more big names than I have upcoming bands (First Bryan Adams, Papa Roach then Stiff Little Fingers and Metallica – And probably a few more too!).

Obvisiously, by the time this review is released my Sumo Cyco Upload Tour and Metallica reviews will be out, but thanks for reading this very late review. Sorry I didn’t take that many photos and for the video sound quality (I’ve had better nights).

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