Venue: Satan’s Hollow, Manchester, UK; Date: 23/3/19;
Bands: Sertraline, Fahran & Skarlett Riot; Doors opened 6:00pm; Show started ???
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This is a very short review.

Skarlett Riot
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I thought the gig started at 7pm (Not 6), so at 5pm my car decided to break down at the end of the motorway, so I was stuck waiting for a tow (and looking for a tree branch [Fawlty Towers joke] for an hour. I then had to quickly get showered and changed. I didn’t get to Manchester until about 9.00pm (As to sum up my day, I had congestion at Oxford Road). I legged it to Satan’s Hollow and got there about 9.10pm – got told by security it was good timing as Skarlett Riot were just getting on.

When I arrived the stage setup was great – in the middle. Not bad little venue! 25 mins after arriving I was leaving??? I got in a few songs – mostly the same as last year; ‘Break’, ‘Empty Inside’ and ‘Warrior’, but I haven’t been to a gig where it finishes at 9.30 – it always 10.30. From what I saw, Skarlett Riot were just as good as last year and I would see them again. But I did ask someone to confirm how long they were on for (As I suspected that I must have missed half of their act) and I was told they were on about 30 mins (Or it felt like it to them – I know it felt like it to bloody me!)

The funny thing is that if To The Rats and Wolves hadn’t cancelled that night, I could have got the double-gig night after all. But on the plus side, I managed to get a steak in Wetherspoons before heading to my Manchester home – The Alesbury!

There is something about me going to Manchester for a gig – I haven’t been early to one since Drowning Pool and Fozzy (My first gig). And each time I have been late due to things out of my control (Spoiler, I break this duct at my next Manchester gig… about bloody time!)

Even though I only had 30 mins of the gig, I still had a great night. And next time I am taking the day off, when Skarlett Riot play their next Saturday gig! They are amazing live – If you get the chance, do see them! (Last year, it was unfortunate they played with Sumo Cyco – they are an incredible band to see live).

There are some photo’s below – couldn’t get a better view, but at least I got to see them!

My Gigzter report returns next time with Papa Roach!

Thanks for reading – sorry it’s not more in depth.

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