Venue: Bi Nuu, Berlin, DE; Date: 16/3/19;
Bands: Flash Forward, Breathe Atlantis & To The Rats And Wolves; Doors opened 7:00pm; Show started 8:00pm

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This is a quick review. I only planned on taking some pictures and videos due to the language barrier, however, this proved to be a bloody good show. Please note that there are no song titles listed due to not knowing the playlists and due to the language barrier. If you know the songs let me know.

What busy month I’ve had with gigs! First Bryan Adams, now this and then next week Skarlett Riot (Spoiler, I’m going to try and see Flash Forward (Possibly Breathe Atlantis) as well – 2 gigs in one night as To The Rats And Wolves are in Manchester for their UK leg of their tour – Well worth checking out!

Just like when I went to see Fozzy, the Bi Nuu was an amazing venue. This time we had to go in the side entrance and everyone got searched (Security were more concerned with my portable charger rather than my darts). Decent crowd too – probably the same attendance as with Fozzy and KrashKarma.

Flash Forward
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Flash Forward opened the show and straight away got the crowd into it. There was also a mosh pit, yet unlike Manchester and Chester this own was more controlled and polite. The ones bouncing about made sure they stuck to themselves rather than bump into everyone else – UK take note (My first proper mosh pit since Sumo Cyco in Chester 2 years ago. The sung in English (A bit of German was spoken as well, in between the songs – obviously), but that didn’t cause too much concern – They were brilliant! For one of their last songs the singer took a page out of Skye’s book (Sumo Cyco) in going into the crowd and standing on the bar/table – The mic wire got in the way though, someone needs to call the HS Executive over that! (Joke).

Breathe Atlantis
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Next was Breathe Atlantis – another German band – and they were just as good! Again, they sung in English (Only speaking German in between songs). The  most notable song was when they did a decent cover of Coldplay’s Chasing Cars! It was hard to pick between Breathe Atlantis and Flash Forward, both were equally good! (And I know at least one person shared my views that these two stole the show). (Chasing Cars (Cover))

To The Rats And Wolves
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Before the main act, I managed to chat with the (main) guitarist and singer from Breathe Atlantis. They mentioned that they were in the UK and how the three bands were all friends with each other.

TTRAW came on stage and were a bit lighter than the previous two – more like the rock-version of One Direction due to them being a 5 piece boyband (Sorry for that comparison. Promise not to swear again). They were good and sung in English – I was expecting for at least some songs in German!

It was another fantastic night at the Bi Nuu – my new favourite venue! (The O2 in Liverpool is good as well as The Live Rooms in Chester (Been there twice too)). Next up Skarlett Riot @ Satans Hollow (hopefully) after To The Rats And Wolves @ The Deaf Institute – 2 Gigs 1 Night Special!

I would certainly recommend going to see Flash Forward and Breathe Atlantis! To The Rats And Wolves were good, but just not on the same level as the other too though. Be sure to check out the playlist for this gig on The Gigzter’s YouTube channel – a lot more videos are available.

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