Venue: M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, UK; Date: 3/3/19;
Bands: Bryan Adams; Doors opened 6:30pm; Show started 8.00pm

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My second gig in Liverpool and third in a row involving Canadians! Canada knows how to produce rock stars! 2 and a half hours of non-stop singing, Bryan Adams is one hell of a performer live!

This was my first arena gig and I’ve said I could never sit down at a gig, but when there was no standing section I guess I had choice. I haven’t been to this part of the city since the arena was built, but it is a good venue. The drinks prices weren’t too bad but the selection wasn’t that good though.

Liverpool is one great city see a live gig! Whether it’s a small club like the O2 or an arena like the ‘Echo’ – I would definitely come here again! It was a almost a sold-out crowd – a few empty seats, mostly on the back top rows.

I am only going to be adding some of the videos due to me filming pretty much all of the show.

Bryan Adams
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It was good to come to a gig with a video screen, but I did feel quite the professional journalist with my camera (phone) and notepad (iPod). The show started with one of his latest songs ‘Ultimate Love’ – Not a bad song to kick off with. He quickly transitioned to ‘Can’t Stop This Thing We Started’. Not taking a breathe, he went into ‘Run To You’ (I thought he played this too early, I was thinking he’d play this as one the last songs – can’t complain though). He kept going with ‘Go Down Rockin” and ‘Heaven’ (the original is so much better that that DJ Sammi cover) as the next two songs. (Ultimate Love)

Then he took his first little break – A great first five songs. He mentioned the old Mathew Street Festival with the old yellow ‘tent’ stages and introduced his backing band (in particular his long-time guitarist Keith).

He resumed with the song the tour was named after ‘Shine A Light’ (which was great), then it was ‘It’s Only Love’, ‘Please Stay’ before a great version of ‘Cloud Number 9’ (the background video could have been better, as it as just the song suggests – cloud 9). Next sung was ‘You Belong To Me’

He took another little break to talk about his early days and family to lead in to ‘Summer of ’69’ (Glad to have heard this live. Lost my notebook-iPod here, which was a bastard for later on when my phone died. Found in time before the end. More on this later), next was his guitar-solo version of ‘Here I Am’ (Would have to hear the proper version, but the acoustic version wasn’t bad). Next was one of my favourites ‘When You’re Gone’, then a shortened version of ‘(Everything) I Do It For you’. He quickly transitioned into ‘Back To You’.

Next up was ‘Somebody’, ‘I’ll Always Be Right There’ and then an extended version of ‘The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You’ (Love the way he just continues after each song – some of these younger bands could learn a thing or two from Bryan). He then sang ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ and ’18 Till I Die’ – The video was good for this.

He took a break before doing ‘Hearts On Fire’. This is were my phone started to die. Bloody good timing too, as the next song was one I wanted to record ‘One Night Love Affair’ – Wish I had my iPod for this. Next was ‘Please forgive me’. The people sitting in front left during that song, so I had a look and found my iPod so I could resume recording. Next was ‘Brand New Day’. He then closed the show (Was hoping for ‘Open Road) but it was still an amazing night.

The crowd was good and played along with chants of “One more song” (As I’ve been told Bryan Adams normally does an encore). And tonight was no different. He came back on stage, along with his band and continued (For what would be another 30 mins).


The first song he played was ‘I Could Get Used To This’ – a George Ezra cover (I think). He then played a cover of ‘I Fought The Law’ (from The Crickets). his band signed of and Bryan was left alone on stage. He then talked about performing in Ireland and a history of the singers of ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ – which he sung next. (2nd Time I will be hearing this this year, with Metallica coming up in June – And in Ireland too!). The next song he played was ‘Straight From The Heart’ before ending with ‘All For Love’.


It was superb night and think this was one of my all time favourite gigs. Bryan Adams was fantastic and full of energy – considering he’s getting on a bit now :)! For my first gig sitting down it wasn’t that bad – would have loved a standing area, but the seats were great, he just quickly moved into the next song was good, but caught me off guard a few times. I may have missed out on Bon Jovi and Lynyrd Skynyrd (And by the looks of things Ozzy Osbourne – Important thing is that he recovers – #GetWellOzzy (Retire if you need to)), but I’ve seen one legend live. Tick off Bryan Adams. Again, the videos and pictures aren’t the best, but they are much better than previous gigs – more likely because of the seats.

Hope the tour goes well and hopefully I get to see him live again!

Well that’s it. That was a great bonus gig, hope you enjoyed the review (And the videos – Check out The Gigzter’s YouTube channel for all of the videos from this show). The next review will be Skarlett Riot in Manchester in 2 weeks. (I may going to ‘To the Rats And Wolves’ whilst in berlin – I do like the Bi Nuu. This won’t be a Gigzter review, but I will take pics and videos if I go. I am tempted to see Alestorm in Bremen, but I do like my Saturday nights in Berlin. Dilemma! – UPDATE: It was Berlin and all 3 bands were great!)

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